Having completed a university degree I have to state that this training was to a much higher standard and the trainer was very knowledgeable on the content and made sure I had understanding and answered any questions as we went.

Instructor had a very good idea of real world issues that you can face and provided the solutions.

Steve was excellent. He helped make the topics interesting. He clearly has a wealth of experience and demonstrated interest in the course materials and in IT and software in general. He presented the materials with enthusiasm.

Has extensive knowledge in the topic and was able to explain and give example of the topic very well.

Stephen is very knowledgeable and an expert in the field.

Steve does a great job and his body of knowledge extends deeply into both other languages and operating systems which proved invaluable.

Really great in-depth course knowledge; should be commended as to how rigorously the trainer was prepared.

Steve has in depth knowledge of this subject matter and of many other related technologies. His real life experience of developing and implementing solutions is invaluable.

Steve is wonderful. He takes an obscure and greatly misunderstood beast and made it understandable. Additionally, Steve's guidance to fine resources available on the web and beyond has made this the best training course I have ever done.