Thanks so much! I really appreciated how you linked the implementation to history, and clarified things extensively. It [was] a lot of content to cover in just 3 days, but you kept it really engaging!

Stephen was a friendly instructor and very knowledgeable.

Great character is Stephen Russell and very well informed about the subject, offering always quick answers to enquiries. Enjoyable, entertaining and well informed instructor.

Stephen is very knowledgeable, he is able to explain the principles and the products/ components to us.

Steve has a great knowledge on the materials. Using of white board is great idea, I would like to see more. Thank you so much.

Very knowledgeable in a number of languages which helped in the understanding of concepts.

Great theoretical explanations for concepts covered. First online instructor I've had who makes use of whiteboard to explain diagrams/relationships which is good for visual learners. Good demos to back up the theory too.

Steve's real world application greatly helped in showing where there were areas that could catch you out, when looking at enterprise applications.

Very knowledgeable, and easily able to drill down and provide further explanation on any subjects that he was queried about.

Steve knows his stuff very well.