Excited and excellent on examples and experience.

Fantastic and lively instructor and looking forward to catching up more to pick his brains.

Really good subject knowledge, very personable.

Instructor was very good and knowledgeable on the subject matter, more so than the courseware.

Great course, very fast and very informative. I had a great exposure to C# and learnt a lot. Great trainer who really looked after the students. Great fun and very knowledgeable.

Stephen has great knowledge and brings great examples to the course.

Thanks so much! I really appreciated how you linked the implementation to history, and clarified things extensively. It [was] a lot of content to cover in just 3 days, but you kept it really engaging!

Stephen was a friendly instructor and very knowledgeable.

Great character is Stephen Russell and very well informed about the subject, offering always quick answers to enquiries. Enjoyable, entertaining and well informed instructor.

Stephen is very knowledgeable, he is able to explain the principles and the products/ components to us.