Great theoretical explanations for concepts covered. First online instructor I've had who makes use of whiteboard to explain diagrams/relationships which is good for visual learners. Good demos to back up the theory too.

Steve's real world application greatly helped in showing where there were areas that could catch you out, when looking at enterprise applications.

Very knowledgeable, and easily able to drill down and provide further explanation on any subjects that he was queried about.

Steve knows his stuff very well.

Thank you, Steve Russell! It was one of the best courses I've ever done.

Steve was very knowledgeable and willing to encourage discussion. This was the best corporate training session I have had.

The instructor was very knowledgeable, and was great at the delivery of the content. The nature of the instructor's dynamic delivery both verbally and visually translated really well over Zoom which can be a barrier when it comes to online classes.


Steve was great at covering the course material and providing the extra background and detail that helped relate the course to the real world.

I really like the trainer's training method, very effective. Steve also used white board to explain certain topics which I found exceptional.