Appreciated down to earth approach and not reading the slides! Shows wealth of experience.

Steve did a great job, regarding to demonstrating and drawing examples on the whiteboard.

Did a great job, and was able to work around the mistakes within the course materials provided.

Steve demonstrated that he had a full understanding of BizTalk and could answer any questions that were presented.

In depth knowledge and obvious experience. Steve was never stumped by questions and knew his stuff.

Very flexible, covered huge range of topics given the less than perfect original course/lab material.

Steve knows this stuff inside and out, which is great.

Excellent presenter, amazing amount of knowledge.

Instructor was incredibly knowledgeable in the subject area and was able to provide examples and demonstrations which enhanced learning.

Very happy with Stephen's efforts to go beyond course material and provide real world recommendations and advice on best practices. Stephen also found areas in the Microsoft content which could be improved or did not go to sufficient depth and used his own experience & knowledge to fill in the gaps.