Very cheery person and made the content much more enjoyable, however was very knowledgeable of the systems involved.

Was good, engaging and interesting. A great presenter.

Course is very outdated and full of errors / bad coding examples. Steve was however able to direct us around this issues.

Steve was very personable, knowledgeable and was more than happy to investigate additional topics to discuss with us.

Stephen was great at providing context to the content that we were learning and kept the course engaging throughout the 3 days.

I really enjoyed the course and found the instructor was able to present the material in the way to make it easy to understand. Real world examples of usages helped greatly.

Very good at explaining technical information clearly and in context to real-world scenarios.

Good knowledge and presentation skills.

He was good and solved majority of the course problems and was able to demonstrate integration between theory and practical.

Best instructor I've ever had!