Stephen was a fantastic teacher for this course. He covered all the content in an engaging way that was easy to follow and kept everything fresh.

The instructor is very good and knows a lot about the topic.

Some interesting (and varied) stories allowed me to keep my focus for this online course (which is often hard to do.)

Steve's knowledge on this subject is excellent and his ability to impart with knowledge is also excellent.

Glad to attend this course. Steve has exceptional command of Unix scripting and other programming languages.

The instructor seemed drastically more informed on the development platform and the real-world uses/gotchas than the course itself is. An excellent instructor.

Stephen was a good tutor, I can tell he's a really smart guy.

The class was awesome. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable.

Very experienced teacher in relating to real experiences and examples and delivers to the level of new users of Linux.

Knowledge of subject and real life examples was awesome.