Very knowledgeable, and holds your attention even in hour 17 when your brain is full. And I like the breaks. Very important to retaining and processing information, rather the instructor pushing through and you are staring at the ceiling on the 180th minute.

The pace was perfect and Stephen has a wonderful personality and enjoyed his discussions immensely

Instructor was very helpful in answering questions.

Steve obviously has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I found him very willing to explore and follow up outside of the specific course boundaries.

The instructor had broad knowledge and was happy to answer questions.

Steve was really responsive and knowledgeable. The course did not drag. Held our interest throughout. Highly recommended!!

Stephen was really good at explaining everything in detail as well as how these features originated and how they can be used in real world applications. He even covered logic apps which was not part of the syllabus but an important part of Azure. He's done an excellent job.

One of the best trainers I've had on the various courses I've attended - thanks Steve!

Steve is a well above average instructor. I would in the future request Steve for any other course I have to do. Steve is passionate and has an incredible depth of knowledge.

Very knowledgeable and friendly - really knew the material.