Stephen Russell was excellent; his delivery style helped keep me engaged for the full duration of the course. Stephen's voice cadence changes, diagramming of concepts on the whiteboard to supplement the slide content, his chosen example scenarios and sprinkling of anecdotes over the five days were fantastic.

Very flexible, covered huge range of topics given the less than perfect original course/lab material.

Great energy and enthusiasm for the content.

Steve knows this stuff inside and out, which is great.

Excellent presenter, amazing amount of knowledge.

Instructor was incredibly knowledgeable in the subject area and was able to provide examples and demonstrations which enhanced learning.

Very happy with Stephen's efforts to go beyond course material and provide real world recommendations and advice on best practices. Stephen also found areas in the Microsoft content which could be improved or did not go to sufficient depth and used his own experience & knowledge to fill in the gaps.

The session was very good and it was really informative.

Steve has an excellent knowledge of C# and many other languages. He was conscious of other students coming from different coding backgrounds and customised the lessons to build off previous knowledge. I feel that I can not only confidently code in C# but efficiently and appropriately code in C# now.

Very good instructor. Was able to identify deficiencies in the course and tailor them to suit our needs and answer other questions which I was able to use in my actual products directly.