Stephen was able to provide real world experience from both his academic experience and commercial experience.

Amazing course - teacher experience covered all the holes made by MS training material.

Best instructor so far.

He's very funny.

Steve Russell was a joy to listen to, very informative. I don't think it could of been as great with anyone else.

Stephen is experienced and knowledgeable and explains concepts well. He was friendly and accommodating, thanks Steve!

Excellent depth of knowledge and ability to relate it to the student.

The instructor has demonstrated to be very knowledgeable and what is more important, [he] has the ability to transmit that knowledge.

One of the best presenters I have had at any education/training course.

Stephen Russell is a brilliant instructor. Really enjoyed his teaching style. He keeps everybody engaged with stories and anecdotes. He responds to all questions given to him. Hope to get him again in a future course.