Very knowledgable across a number of languages meaning he was able to provide relatable examples.

Exceptional subject matter knowledge. Well connecting and explains things in easy terms.

Great examples for some complex concepts to help me understand how/when they would be used.

Really easy to understand as the instructor is well versed with the background of Linux.

I have found Stephen to be one of the best (top 5%) of educators that I have encountered. He was very approachable, friendly, informative and helpful. He even added a bit of humour and irrelevant information to keep people awake. I would recommend anyone to access a course led by Stephen. Great job Stephen - keep up the good work

Steve delivered the content confidently and proficiently. All questions were met with genuine interest and answers were explained thoroughly. I look forward to attending any other courses where Steve is the instructor.

Very charismatic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Would do another course with this trainer.

Great trainer, had plenty of real world experience that made it easier for me to understand what he was actually teaching.

This training is different and better than a couple of similar trainings I did online. The outline and great and the instructor Stephen Russell is superb!

Extremely engaging, funny, helped difficult topics sink in.