Steve is quite knowledgeable and up-to-date with technologies. It would have been nice if the courseware was equally up-to-date and relevant so that we could get the most out of the course.

Didn't just read the notes but explained the content in ways so you understood the material and more so focus on elements that would be needed in the real programming environment. Very happy and would thoroughly recommend.

Steve was great!

Best MS development training course I have been on.

I found the course very useful mainly because the instructor could take the examples and apply them to real world situations with other examples rather then just the ones in the document.

Steve is very knowledgeable.

He's awesome!

Great ability to explain complex concepts and relate these to real world examples.

Steve was excellent. His wealth of historical context, general knowledge and practical skill combined with his unending patience answering my questions was a fine recipe that should be bottled and produced commercially.

Having completed a few Microsoft trainings in the past, I was worried about the quality of the MS materials since normally are not useful but Steve Russell covered with clarity all the voids and misconceptions and explained everything really nicely.