Here's the latest news from Prominence Central ...

Using the Enterprise Library

I'm currently working on a course on using the Microsoft Enterprise Library to improve the quality of enterprise-level .NET code. This course will cover important topics such as enterprise-scale exception handling, logging, and caching, the IoC Pattern, policy injection, and dependency injection. Contact me if you're interested in getting your dev team up to speed on how to write high-quality enterprise code in the Microsoft world.

BizTalk 2013

I am currently working to get the courseware for a BizTalk Server 2013 developer course. If you are interested in running or attending this course, let me know. In the meantime, I'm still happy to present my customised BizTalk Server 2010 course which includes details of what's new in 2013.

Azure training

I'm now able to offer a range of Azure training courses. The developer course is five days duration, and the IT Pro course is three days. Contact me if you are interested in running or attending these courses.

Welcome to my web site!

It's taken way too long, but I've finally gotten around to creating my "new" web site. I feel like the plumber with the dripping taps at home: I spend my time helping other people build their sites, but I could never find the time to build my own.

I had planned on something more elaborate, but time ran out ... Thanks for being so patient over the years, and not mentioning how embarrassing the old site was.