Here's the latest news from Prominence Central ...

Angular training

I am currently offering a range of courses on Angular 4 and 5. Contact me if you are interested in getting up-to-speed in this popular web application framework.

ESB 2 Training

I've had several enquiries asking me to present Enterprise Service Bus training. If you are interested in bringing your BizTalk team up to speed on this framework, please contact me. It's a great investment if you want to create flexible, entensible BizTalk solutions without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Java Spring courses

I am currently preparing to deliver some Java Spring training. If your development team wants to get up to speed on the Spring Framework, including the new Spring 5, please contact me.

Java 8 Programming

Java continues to evolve, with many new features being added to Java 8. I am now able to offer a range of new courses, covering everything from the basics through to upgrade courses.

Contact me if you are interested in this training.

Kernel internals training

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a kernel internals course to a couple of adventurous Ethiopian students who flew all the way from Addis Adaba to Melbourne on a whim and a prayer. The training was challenging, since I was working with no script and no net. It was great though to be presenting one of my favourite topics: kernel design. Thanks guys.